Get a Smoke No Smoke Electronic Cigarette. Join the trend which has taken over the UK in 2015

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A Smoke No Smoke E - Cigarette:

  • Does not contain Tar
  • Does not contain Tobacco
  • Does not create Carbon Monoxide Toxins
  • Does not stain teeth
  • Does not create ash
  • Does not contain the 4000 chemicals created by burning regular cigarettes.
  • WILL - Satisfy your nicotine craves no matter how small or large.
  • Cost a fraction of smoking regular cigarettes.
  • Have no passive implications on others
  • Importantly, as well as the great experience of 'Vaping' rather than 'Smoking' tobacco cigarettes, it is legal to use an electronic almost anywhere - restaurants, nightclubs, pubs, offices, trains, planes, concerts, casinos, bars.......................anywhere!

With these advantages, plus the fact that using an electronic cigarette will help reduce the 6,000 000 deaths each year from regular cigarette smokers, it is not hard to see why they have fast become such a global phenomenon, with thousands of smokers switching to these healthier and far less expensive alternatives every week.

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